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Ms. Parul Gupta Founder & Owner Ms. Parul Gupta

Benito Consultants is set up by Ms. Parul Gupta. Business skills have been ingrained into Ms. Gupta by her family business background and have been substantiated by her education - graduation in economics from Delhi University and MBA from ICFAI. Prior to setting up this company, Ms. Gupta has an extensive working experience in the area of Mass hiring and recruitments, Client Interaction, Customer Care, Team Handling and Leadership.

Advisory Board

Mr. B L Aggarwal Advisory Group Mr. B L Aggarwal

Mr. B L Aggarwal has over 35 yrs of experience in Finance, Audit & Operations management as well as in Banking. Mr. Aggarwal graduated in commerce from Delhi University and started his practice in 1976. He is fellow member of ICAI.

Ms. Shikha Aggarwal Advisory Group Ms. Shikha Aggarwal

Ms. Shikha Aggarwal has over 5 yrs of Banking & Banking Services experience (BFSI). She has expertise in financial consulting & devising strategies for corporate accounts. Ms. Aggarwal holds a Master`s degree in Finance.

Mr. T R Gupta Advisory Group Mr. T R Gupta

Mr. T R Gupta has over 28 yrs of industry experience. Mr. Gupta holds a Master`s degree in Commerce form Kanpur University. He is passionate about helping and guiding budding entrepreneurs.

Mr. S.C Aggarwal Advisory Group Mr. S.C Aggarwal

Mr. S.C Aggarwal has more than 30 yrs of Banking & Financial Services experience (BFSI). He has expertise in credit planning, supervision & Foreign Exchange. Mr. Aggarwal is a Mechanical Engineer and also a certified associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

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