Benito Consultants provides outsourcing which help organization focus on their core processes in an efficient and time bound manner. Although outsourcing has been around as long as work specialization has existed, in recent history, companies began employing the outsourcing model to carry out narrow functions, such as payroll, billing and data entry.

We help these processes to be done more efficiently and therefore more cost effectively, by other companies with specialized tools and facilities and specially trained personnel.


Save Money and Time: 

By Outsourcing, Economies of scale saves money when Clients’ unit costs goes down and its volume increases .Our services help in achieving economies of scale which are unavailable to individual firms when they combine the volumes of multiple companies.

Share Risk:

Outsourcing may permit multiple companies to share risk. It is a type of synergy that can cross corporate boundaries.

Help Accommodate Peak Loads:

Outsourcing can be used to minimize fluctuations in headcount that could result from peaks and valleys in demand.

Develop Internal Staff:

We as a consultant act as a bridge to the client in bringing new ideas and to train internal staff. We as an External “Consultants” transfer our skills and method to improve employees’ effectiveness; teach staff, often while working together on real projects.

“Outsourcing pertains to Recruitment, Selection, Development and Compensation of Subordinates.”

  -Theo Haimann